This Giant, Robotic Voice

He loves videogames, he has an amazing amount of energy, and the piece he’s most proud of so far is called Metatron.  You can hear him talk about it all here!

Eliot Britton’s music is punchy, overtly dynamic and laden with references to technology from past decades.  Eliot recently returned to his native Winnipeg after living the better part of a decade in Montreal, where he completed his Ph.D in music composition last year.  He is very active as a concert and event organizer as well as a musician, and co-produces Winnipeg’s spectacular Cluster festival together with the festival’s co-founders, Heidi Ouellette and Luke Nickel.  He also runs a radio show of his own, called Groundswell Radio.  You can listen to it on CKUW 95.9 Mondays from 2-3PM central time.

Throw It At The Wall And See If It Sticks (TIATWASIIS)

Paul Paroczai once ripped apart a piano, not to see what was inside, but to fill it with electronic components.  Since that day his algorithms haven’t gotten any tamer and his interfaces haven’t gotten any more conventional.  You might find him onstage costumed as a boy scout, or dressed up like David Bowie piloting a generative music system (unfortunately there isn’t a photo online for that yet), but more likely, you’ll recognize him by his sonorous voice, which can be heard right here during the February 4th episode of re:composition.