Re:composition is produced by Maren LisacMatt Horrigan, and Matthew Ariaratnam.  Collectively, we are music-makers and enthusiasts abiding in Vancouver.

Matt hails from Ottawa, where he grew up frolicking in the woods and playing Hollywood movie scores at the piano.  At some point playing the piano turned into playing the desktop computer, and then the desktop turned into a laptop (with a MIDI controller attached).  Now, he finds himself studying music on the West coast, confused not only by the task of making good music, but of figuring out what ‘good music’ is supposed to mean.

Maren is originally from Edmonton. She was drawn to music at an early age, playing piano and singing in choirs, and later trying her hand at various other instruments (she is now primarily a trumpet player). She has performed in a variety of genres and contexts, including Balkan brass and string bands, punk, alt-country, experimental and free-improv music, performance art, and musical theatre. As a composer she leans toward low-tech music with acoustic or analog sound sources. Her current work explores the use of open-ended scoring techniques that give freedom to the performer(s). She grew up listening to Edmonton’s legendary campus station CJSR, as well as the late and great Brave New Waves on CBC. She loves radio.

Matthew is from a number of places. Moving between Southern Ontario and the West Coast throughout his life. He is a guitarist, composer, improvisor, and music listener. He has performed a lot of his own music in bands, had pieces of his performed by other people, performed in other people’s bands, performed other people’s pieces, improvised with a variety of individuals, and has set up patio furniture in busy public spaces. Activities that he prefers that don’t deal with music are reading and binge watching stupid television shows.

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